Connected cities

A smart city is a connected city

Mobilitie is advancing and extending networks across the United States, delivering multi-layered, multi-technology network solutions through innovative engineering and exceptional service delivery. Our infrastructure provides the backbone required to deliver todays and tomorrow’s smart city applications delivering more job growth, safer citizens and happier communities.

Explore your connected city

Smart cities are being built using state of the art technology, and leverage real-time data and analytics, to improve people’s lives, drive business growth and create smarter, more intuitive infrastructure.

Our network infrastructure and unrivalled expertise in providing high capacity, high-availability and multi-use communications networks make us the ideal partner in building smarter more connected cities.

Extending networks, enhancing coverage

As the need for fast connectivity increases, next-generation infrastructure is required to support the future of connectivity. Our robust solutions allow organizations to optimize their wireless networks to deliver the next generation of connectivity and edge computing services to enable smart communities. 

Our unique high count fiber solution offers connectivity in the Bay Area and beyond to more than 30 data centers with over 75 access points across our 160-mile core backbone. We give businesses the ability to connect the East Bay and Peninsula via our unique Trans Bay Tube cable.