Intelligent connectivity infrastructure for commercial real estate: Smart buildings, connected tenants

Bring the best wireless experience to your property to turn your tenants into fans

Our robust connectivity solutions help property owners keep pace with an evolving commercial real estate landscape

Vacancy rates remain high following the pandemic, with many opting for hybrid or fully remote roles. As a result, wireless carriers are reluctant to deploy new in-building networks, leaving properties with inadequate coverage to meet growing needs for high-speed tenant connectivity and more intelligent amenities. Developers and owners must consider wireless the most crucial differentiator to remain competitive in this post-pandemic real estate landscape. That’s why there has never been a more important time to find the right partner to deliver an affordable, state-of-the-art connectivity solution.

In a radically different approach to real estate deployments, our Network as a Service (NaaS) model eliminates the burden of network administration and the associated costs. For a nominal fee, we build networks that are affordable, easy to manage, and deliver a return on investment.

What we offer

Fully managed solutions

Mobilitie funds, designs, deploys and operates your in-building communications infrastructure — ensuring you have the connectivity you need when you need it.


Building owners pay a simple NaaS fee per square foot — an affordable and predictable way to keep your tenants connected.

Cost recovery

Building owners can recover NaaS costs through a modest common area management (CAM) charge or technology fee, giving you a reliable return on investment.

“With hybrid work now the norm across industries, there has never been a more important time for commercial real estate owners to adopt smart building technology. Despite rapidly evolving tenant expectations, our research shows that in-building connectivity will remain a top priority. To stay agile and competitive, properties must offer an intelligent, seamless and efficient connectivity experience.”

Dave Miller, Director of Business Development