Diplomat Resort and Spa

Mobilitie Serves Up High-Speed Wireless at The Diplomat Resort and Spa

Newport Beach, California
Source : PRNewswire

Guests Can Add 5G Capability to List of Amenities at Florida Resort

The Diplomat Resort and Spa, South Florida’s premier four-diamond resort, can now add premium high-speed wireless connectivity to its list of unrivaled amenities. Continuously setting the benchmark in beachfront experience, The Diplomat serves up luxury and relaxation across 39 floors in front of white sandy beaches. A recent renovation offers modern amenities to complement conceptual cuisine and an ultramodern spa. And now, thanks to the in-building wireless network from Mobilitie, resort guests enjoy uninterrupted wireless service from all of the major carriers, whether it’s to share their incredible experience at the hotel or remain connected at The Diplomat’s convention center.

As the premier privately-held wireless infrastructure firm in the U.S., Mobilitie sets the standard in neutral-host networks for hospitality, commercial real estate, sports and entertainment venues, as well as city-wide small cell networks and macro towers. Always innovating, Mobilitie shapes its wireless solutions to not only deliver today but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow. With a proven track record of deploying and managing the most complex and challenging projects in the U.S., Mobilitie brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to every deployment, and is proud to bring its elite service to the four-diamond The Diplomat Resort and Spa.

“The Diplomat is a beautiful resort and it demands the best for its guests and convention attendees. We are proud to deploy a state-of-the-art wireless network that meets and exceeds those expectations,” said Wendy Zavaleta, Director of Wireless Solutions at Mobilitie.

As a neutral-host network provider, Mobilitie is able to connect all major carriers to The Diplomat Resort and Spa. For more information on in-building wireless solutions, visit mobilitie.com or contact us at solutions@mobilitie.com.