Choosing the Right Private Wireless Infrastructure Partner: 20 Questions to Ask

Providing robust ubiquitous connectivity requires a strong network and a mobility strategy that considers both current and future business needs. Choosing the right partner to design, build, deploy and operate high‑capacity networks is a crucial first step that will fundamentally shape the success of a project. You need a reliable partner with the experience, global reach and support needed to provide secure and flexible next‑generation infrastructure solutions to optimize operations and provide better patron experiences.

With tight budgets, quick turnarounds and consumer satisfaction on the line, deploying reliable, secure, and high-speed connectivity requires a wireless partner who is nimble, forward thinking, and agile enough to ensure project milestones are completed on-time and on-budget. To help leaders navigate the complexities in picking the right private wireless infrastructure partner, we’ve compiled questions that need to be answered by the provider before kicking off any project.

Understand: The system’s details

  1. Is the system’s wireless infrastructure capable of handling next-generation 5G?
  2. What are the up-front costs for system deployment and when do payments begin? Do you offer payment plans?
  3. Is the solution considered CAPEX or OPEX?
  4. What type of system(s) do you deploy?
  5. Will you help me determine which type of system is best for my venue/needs?
  6. How do maintenance and system upgrades work after installation?
  7. Are there costs associated with these repairs or are they included in the initial Service Agreement?
  8. Who do I call with any issues or repairs?
  9. Do you provide long-term support? If so, what are the services/frequency provided?
  10. Can your systems provide full wireless coverage to multiple buildings or an entire campus?
  11. Are your networks scalable and able to grow should there be a future demand?

Understand: Their relationships with carriers

  1. Do your systems work with all carriers?
  2. Will network designs be carrier approved prior to deployment?
  3. Do you provide carrier letters of support for projects?
  4. Do you ever enter into Service Level Agreements with carriers?
  5. What happens if the carrier makes technology or macro changes after system deployment?
  6. Who handles system changes or upgrades? What are the fees associated with this?

Understand: Their service level:

  1. What type of service level guarantees do you all offer?
  2. What does the issue resolution process look like?
  3. Do you enter into Service Level Agreements with the property owner or building management company?


As with any project, these questions should serve as a starting point and be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Ensuring all bases are covered from the start of any project will minimize the risk of unexpected delays, price mishaps, or other roadblocks along the way.

As world-leading neutral host providers of 5G and connected infrastructure, we look ahead to the technology requirements of tomorrow’s mobile experience and build scalable networks that anticipate future demand. From flexible and on-time installations to Day 2 support, we collaborate closely with your teams to deliver on your connectivity needs from the initial design phase through to implementation and operation.

Our team of on-the-ground experts has a proven track record of building networks in the most complex environments with flexible and innovative network infrastructure solutions. We monitor all of our networks through our network operations center (NOC) 24/7/365 and ensure we stay ahead of tomorrow’s capacity demands by proactively deploying the upgrades your system needs. We combine our wealth of experience in delivering and maintaining large-scale operations with the agility needed to deliver innovative solutions that meet your business needs.

Are you interested in elevating your venue’s 5G connectivity experience?  We’ve got you covered – contact us today.

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