How Mobilitie’s Lightning-Fast, Robust 5G Network powers Churchill Downs for the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

Jason Caliento

The way we experience sports is constantly evolving – and 5G has changed the game entirely – especially for the most exciting two minutes in sports!   Here’s how Mobilitie’s industry-leading team and infrastructure enhances the experience for live fans at the Derby.

With Derby weekend officially underway, and tens of thousands of fans flocking to Churchill Downs to watch, wager, and celebrate, seamless connectivity throughout the historic racetrack is a critical element of the Derby experience.

From uploading photos of the most fashionable feathery fascinators on social media to placing bets via Churchill Downs’ new mobile app, attendees’ second screen has a larger role in the entire Derby experience than ever before. Understanding this shift, as well as racegoers’ growing expectations for uninterrupted and reliable connectivity, Churchill Downs has once again tapped Mobilitie to increase network’s bandwidth for one of world’s highest-attended sporting events.

Since 2014, Mobilitie has provided Churchill Downs with a state-of-the-art DAS, spanning nearly 115 acres. To put this in perspective, attendance record was 170,513 fans a few years ago, and our DAS is designed to connect crowd of that magnitude, at peak usage.

To ensure that the 150,000 attendees of 148th Kentucky Derby will continue to have ubiquitous, ultra-fast mobile coverage from the moment they enter the Churchill Downs property – including the parking lots – our solutions and deployment teams have built an innovative, lightning-fast 5G network capable of livestreaming the unique Derby experience. In fact, our team spends hundreds of hours stress-testing the DAS with the carriers to prep the system for the big day, and we have a dedicated team on site during the entire weekend to ensure everything runs as smooth and fast as thoroughbreds.

Some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure that is installed throughout the property includes:

  • A total of 62 DAS zones, which consists of approximately 88,710 feet of coax cable
  • Over 200+ remote units that power over 400 antennas
  • Several miles of fiber-optic cable running through the property featuring high capacity trunks along with 24 and 48 strand edge
  • Carrier-enabled 5G throughout the venue
  • 5G mmWave nodes throughout the property that provide ultra-fast connectivity
  • An enhanced fiber-optic network for backhaul connectivity

Through this strategic and collaborative partnership, Mobilitie has deployed one of the most technologically robust networks across all of sports and entertainment, providing attendees of the Kentucky Derby with an unparalleled experience. This continues to be Mobilitie’s mission as it deploys innovate, state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure solutions—to venues nationwide.

Mobilitie’s infrastructure is 5G ready and ready to meet the unique needs of any venue – explore how 5G can transform the sports experience.

Jason Caliento

Chief Commercial Officer