Meet Mobilitie: Anne Dinh – Senior Business Analyst

At Mobilitie, we’re proud of the people-first culture we’ve cultivated throughout our organization, and we work hard to ensure our team members feel recognized for their accomplishments and contributions. Our “Meet Mobilitie” blog series highlights employees throughout various facets of our organization and the value they bring to the Mobilitie team.

 Since joining Mobilitie in 20 15, Anne Dinh, Senior Business Analyst, has played an integral role in supporting various teams across the company. When she’s not providing the intelligence and insights needed to create data-driven decision-making for the organization, she is a self-proclaimed homebody and enjoys reading, sewing, and playing video games. Anne is also passionate about her time spent volunteering as a guide dog puppy raiser, where she teaches puppies-in-training basic obedience skills and socializes them in public places to help prepare them for a future in service.

 Get to know more about Anne:

 What is your role and responsibilities with Mobilitie?

As Senior Business Analyst, I support various teams with all their business intelligence needs. I work on a wide variety of projects and initiatives, from recurring business review presentations and ad-hoc report requests to annual budgeting and strategic planning. No two days are the same for me.

What’s one thing you love about Mobilitie?

The people, of course! My managers have been great mentors and I am so grateful to work with so many knowledgeable and professional, yet down-to-earth individuals.

What’s been one of your favorite projects/deployments at Mobilitie?

I’m most excited for our Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) initiatives. I started as a network real estate contractor in 2015 and was responsible for site selection and permitting small cells in the Bay Area. At the time, we only had franchise agreements for city and utility-owned poles. All sites proposed on BART and SFMTA infrastructure had to be recycled, and it always felt like the missing piece in our coverage goals. Now that we’ve partnered with BART to bring next-generation wireless connectivity to riders, it feels like we’ve come full circle but with a much brighter outlook this time around.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway that you want others to know?

Constantly challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone. That could mean taking on a new role or responsibility or applying existing skill sets in new ways. When the self-doubt creeps in, remind yourself that your colleagues have probably gone through similar struggles at some point in their career as well. Draw on their expertise, keep an open mind and be willing to put in the work it takes to learn and grow.

What would the perfect weekend consist of?

I usually spend one day out and about, going to the farmer’s market, hiking, or taking my dog for a swim at the beach. The other is spent at home catching up on housework or binge-watching a new release on Netflix.

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