Meet Mobilitie: Ehsan Syed – Director of Corporate Development

At Mobilitie, soon to be Boldyn Networks, we take pride in fostering a people-centric culture that acknowledges the achievements and contributions of our team members. To showcase the diverse talents and expertise within our organization, we feature our employees in our ‘Meet Mobilitie’ blog series, highlighting their unique perspectives and the meaningful impact they bring to our organization.

Since joining Mobilitie in 2018, Ehsan Syed, Director of Corporate Development, has overseen mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships for Mobilitie. When he is not working on potential growth opportunities, you can find him hiking or enjoying a backyard BBQ.

Get to know more about Ehsan below:

What is your role/what are your responsibilities with Mobilitie?

As Director of Corporate Development, I oversee our M&As, as well as financing activities. On the M&A side, I look at companies that fit Mobilitie’s growth objectives and corporate culture, such as Signal Point, for potential acquisition or strategic partnership opportunities. On the financing side, I ensure our teams have access to capital for network deployments, pursuing portfolio growth opportunities, and conducting daily operations.

What’s one thing you love about Mobilitie?

I love the leadership at Mobilitie. Our leadership gives us autonomy over our areas and encourages us to explore new approaches or methods in our functions. We operate in a constantly evolving, leading-edge space where there are seldom templates or established processes. But our teams make executions look effortless. It’s empowering to have an executive team recognize this dynamic, which has contributed greatly to my professional growth. Shout out to Christos Karmis, Greg Lawson, and Lilian Vallejo in particular for fostering this culture!

What’s one thing you’re proud of during your time at Mobilitie? Or, what’s been one of your favorite projects/deployments at Mobilitie?

My personal crown jewel is the process that led to Mobilitie becoming part of the BAI Communications Group. The project gave me exposure to leaders across the groups, who taught me a lot about the industry and our company. This enabled me to make substantial contributions in the transaction, culminating in BAI’s acquisition of Mobilitie. I was confident BAI was the right partner then and I’m even more certain of that today. Super excited to let the world know about Boldyn Networks and how our global expertise will enable us to deploy the next generation of digital infrastructure solutions to millions of Americans.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway that you want others to know?

Always accept opportunities to learn something new, even if it’s seemingly irrelevant to current responsibilities or interests. At a minimum it’ll give you perspective to others’ expertise and make you a better collaborator. Potential for future applications is endless and what you make of it.

Outside of work, what is something you enjoy doing in your free time?/Do you have a particular passion or hobby?

I enjoy hiking SoCal trails, making cocktails, and tinkering with my home theater system to watch war movies.

What would the perfect weekend consist of?

Perfect weekend would start with backyard BBQ with friends for lunch, followed by a ball game or hip hop concert, and bed by 12am.

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