Meet Mobilitie: Joe Sisko – Senior Project Manager, Site Acquisition, at Signal Point

As we continue to keep our people at the front and center of our business, we’re back with another installment in the “Meet Mobilitie” blog series, which highlights the immense talent and hard work of those across our organization. This month, we are extending our series to  Signal Point Systems and are proud to feature Joe Sisko, Senior Project Manager for Site Acquisition. Joe oversees site acquisition and guides his teams on military deployment processes, requirements, and the wireless infrastructure industry as a whole.

Learn more about Joe:

What is your role/what are your responsibilities with Signal Point?

I am a Senior Project Manager for Site Acquisition and work across multiple projects. In my role, I act as a day-to-day liaison for site acquisition (SAQ) due diligence. This includes training, coaching and guiding our teams on military processes and requirements, aka “Military 101.” My trainees have given me the nickname, “Coach” or “Coach Joe,” as I help them navigate how the industry operates ‘outside the fence,’ utilizing comparisons and analogies to help them better understand the bigger picture of the wireless industry.

What’s one thing you love about Signal Point?

It’s difficult to name just one thing. The single most important reason why I enjoy what I do every day is my team. Having the opportunity to work with our military through Signal Point has given me a new passion that makes me love coming to work everyday.

What’s one thing you’re proud of during your time at Signal Point? 

I am proud of the opportunity to “give back” to the men and women who serve all of us on a much grander scale. There is no more rewarding feeling than when military personnel tell you that you’ve done a good job.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway that you want others to know?

The biggest takeaway is to always do things right the first time. There is no other way to get it done.

Outside of work, what is something you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have a particular passion or hobby?

Outside of work I am a family man who loves the tropical lifestyle as well as staying busy. I find yard work therapeutic and enjoy gambling (poker, pool bets, etc.). As a fun hobby, I collect Rocky Balboa toys and memorabilia – along with limited edition Rock-N-Roll casino chips.

What would the perfect weekend consist of? 

My perfect weekend would consist of a family gathering at my beach house, grilling ribs on the beach while a light breeze sways the palm leaves back and forth in the gorgeous landscape under a warm, bright, blue sky; kids playing in the water and laughing and having fun as I look on and cherish the moment.

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