Meet Mobilitie: Shaterica Brown – Director, Operations

At Mobilitie, we have an open and rewarding culture where respect and teamwork are highly valued. As we continue to keep our people at the heart of our business, we’re back with another installment in the “Meet Mobilitie” blog series, which highlights employees’ throughout our organization and the value they bring to the Mobilitie team.

Shaterica Brown, Director, Operations, works cross-functionally to support our small cell, DAS and tower deployments across the Southern U.S., bringing together our operations and deployment divisions. When she’s not providing all-star management support for our projects, you’ll find her at the beach, cooking up a storm or spending quality time with her family.

Learn more about Shaterica:

What is your role/what are your responsibilities with Mobilitie?

I’m currently a Director with our operations team. In my role, I have the unique opportunity to work directly with both our deployment and operations teams. As a deployment team member, I help manage construction activities on our small cells and towers across the southern region. On the operations side, I help manage venue-initiated renovation projects that impact our DAS. I also manage the utilities across our various assets.

What’s one thing you love about Mobilitie?

The people, no doubt! I truly enjoy the people I work with daily. Everyone at Mobilitie is smart, hard-working, and all-around fun to work with.

What’s one thing you’re proud of during your time at Mobilitie? 

I’m proud of the partnerships we have with our communities and jurisdictions. It’s been rewarding to receive calls or emails from our jurisdiction representatives requesting information or our professional opinion because they view us as partners.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway that you want others to know?

I really think kindness and a great work ethic matter most.

Outside of work, what is something you enjoy doing in your free time?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family. We enjoy cooking and trying new recipes or simply enjoying a warm, sunny day at the beach.


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