Meet Mobilitie: Jonathan Co – Senior IT Administrator

At Mobilitie, we support an open and rewarding culture where respect, humility and teamwork are highly valued. As we continue to keep our people at the heart of our business, we’re thrilled to share the next installment in the “Meet Mobilitie” blog series, which highlights our employees’ career paths and the value they bring to the Mobilitie team.

 Jonathan Co, Senior IT Administrator, has been with Mobilitie since 2018 and plays a key role keeping our IT systems and applications running smoothly. When he’s not saving the day by incorporating emerging technology like automation to help us scale and become more agile, he’s reading books, watching the latest space exploration documentaries – or planning his vacation to a tropical island.

 Get to know more about Jonathan:

 What is your role and responsibilities with Mobilitie?

My role is Senior IT Administrator. My responsibilities include installing, maintaining and troubleshooting company systems and applications, collaborating with other departments in evaluating tools, software and services that would best support the company and providing end-user support.

What’s one thing you love about Mobilitie?

The people. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most hardworking, intelligent and down-to-earth team members at Mobilitie. Not only are we great teammates but we’ve also become friends outside of work.

What’s one thing you’re proud of during your time at Mobilitie?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some challenging IT projects. Some projects seemed impossible at first, but with the support and help from my team leaders and teammates, I was able to see the end results and learn new skills and improve myself.
When I first joined Mobilitie, I was asked to help my team automate some of the manual processes involving system updates and deployments. With the experiences I learned from past projects, I helped the team automate a majority of their tasks and we were able to deploy systems for our customers with minimal down time.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway that you want others to know?

Technology is always changing so it’s important to keep oneself up to date. Have an open mind and the willingness to learn. Most importantly though, be passionate about what you do, but at the same time have a work-life balance. Many of us who work in the technical fields often work long hours and that can negatively impact our mental and physical health. It’s equally important to take a break once in a while.

What would the perfect weekend consist of?

The perfect weekend would be spending all day on a long-tail boat, fishing and scuba diving in Maya Bay or Palawan Island with my family and close friends.

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