Meet Mobilitie: Maryam Ansari – Director Wireless Solutions

At Mobilitie, we believe our people are at the heart of our business. As such, we’re excited to launch our new blog series, “Meet Mobilitie,” which will explore the career journeys of our employees.

Our first featured team member is Maryam Ansari, Director of Wireless Solutions for the U.S. Central region. Maryam originally joined Mobilitie in 2018 as an engineer and radio frequency (RF) manager. When she’s not cultivating strong partnerships with carriers in her region, she’s traveling or planning her next adventure.

Get to know more about Maryam:

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities with Mobilitie?
As the Director for Wireless Solutions in the U.S Central region, I work with carriers to help determine the best wireless solutions for their needs. I’m proud to play a key role in helping them achieve their goals and ultimately, expand their 5G networks. I love that my role offers a nice balance between internal and external business relationships that build towards a common goal of better wireless connectivity for all.

What’s one thing you love about Mobilitie?
There are many aspects of Mobilitie that I love, but one that sticks out to me is how the leadership team encourages personal and professional growth for all employees. The team understands that their employees want to grow as professionals and people, and they’re here to help us with that. From professional development opportunities to ensuring we’re achieving work-life balance, Mobilitie cares about its employees. I appreciate the opportunities I have had to advance my career here while also focusing on my personal growth.

What’s one thing you’re proud of during your time at Mobilitie?
When I started at Mobilitie, I was an engineer and RF manager. I became more curious, however, about the development and the growth aspect of the company and decided I wanted to make a career transition to the business development team. Along the way, I had the full support of my direct team and management, which made for an easy and seamless transition.

In your career, what have you found to be the biggest takeaway you want others to know?
I have found that patience and active listening are critical in any professional environment. Patience is a key element in getting thoughts and feelings under control, in order to make better decisions. Active listening, on the other hand, is crucial for idea generation and fabricating unique and creative approaches. For long term success, I believe these are two main aspects that everyone should practice and incorporate into their daily personal and professional lives.

Outside of work, what is something you enjoy doing in your free time?
Wellness is important to me, and I really enjoy working out and look forward to it daily. My other passion is travel, which is rooted in my desire to learn the nuances of different cultures.

What would the perfect weekend consist of?
Sun, beach, white sand and a mojito – the four essential pillars for a perfect weekend!

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