Connectivity is a vital component of daily life, and Mobilitie, a BAI Communications company works with venues, wireless carriers, and other operators to ensure their customers are better connected.

Mobilitie, is a provider of complete wireless real estate solutions. We design, build, manage, and maintain wireless and wireline infrastructure to deliver optimal coverage in the most demanding and challenging environments. From high-rises and hospitality venues to the largest sports stadiums, entertainment arenas and more, we engineer robust solutions that not only deliver the coverage and capacity needed today but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Our complete wireless infrastructure solutions include funding, designing, building, and maintaining neutral host outdoor and indoor Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cell systems, Wi-Fi systems and communication towers.


Mobilitie provides the foundation for carriers to offer seamless wireless communications in difficult-to-cover areas.

Our wireless infrastructure is designed to keep pace with the latest networking and communications technologies. Our Distributed Antenna Systems provide the increased capacity needed at high density venues and locations where consumers need improved wireless services for running high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, location-based services, and social media postings. All our infrastructure is non-intrusive and concealed, supports the frequencies of all major wireless carriers, and Mobilitie provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the systems.


Smartphones and the data accessibility they provide have become essential parts of our lives. This increases the need for strong, reliable, and high-capacity wireless connectivity within densely-populated buildings and venues.

Mobilitie's Wi-Fi systems are more than just an internet gateway. They enable venues and other operators to interact and communicate directly with their customers through our technology platform, which includes location-based services, advertising and promotions, video broadcasting, and other CRM applications and data analytics.

Our Wi-Fi solutions satisfy the growing demand for flexible and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity. Our systems help offload data from traditional cellular networks, create more capacity, and enhance wireless communications experiences.



Mobilitie offers Small Cell solutions as a part of our comprehensive carrier network deployment approach. Small Cell systems are often the ideal solution for filling gaps in coverage or capacity on wireless carriers' networks.

Small Cells are much smaller than traditional cell towers and therefore allow for more discrete and less obtrusive carrier network expansions. Our Small Cell systems are also designed to be upgradeable to accommodate future wireless demand growth.


Mobilitie Commercial Fiber offers services connecting enterprise buildings and data centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With our unique, high count fiber backbone, Mobilitie offers connectivity to over 30 data centers with over 75 access points across our 160-mile core backbone. Whether your business requires full ring diversity around the bay or a simple data center to end building solution Mobilitie will custom build a dark fiber solution for your business needs.

Mobilitie also offers high fiber count solutions across the bay via our unique Trans Bay Tube cable giving businesses the ability to connect the east bay and peninsula. Dark Fiber is a proven, scalable, secure solution allowing organizations operational control with a consistent cost structure.



Mobilitie funds the development of communication towers for all wireless carriers to improve their wireless service. We have been recognized nationally as an industry leader in communication tower deployments in some of the most challenging environments, and we utilize industry-leading techniques to minimize towers’ visual impacts.

Our Lease-to-Suit® model is unique in the industry. Our model is focused on driving costs down over time for our carrier partners, and it provides carriers with:

  • Full capital funding for all development costs
  • The lowest occupancy cost model in the industry
  • Flexibility to modify and upgrade sites as needed
  • Various development options ranging from turnkey to fully carrier-managed


Mobilitie can manage all aspects of colocation and maximize the value of wireless infrastructure assets including communication towers, rooftops, and other indoor and outdoor network locations. Our colocation management team can manage the entire colocation process including site marketing, lease processing, installation, supervision, and lease administration. Our colocation management services generate significant financial benefits for site owners without operational limitations or hidden costs.


Mobilitie offers a suite of professional services designing, funding, and building networks including services for:

Wireless Carriers
  • Capital funding and network occupancy cost reduction
  • Roaming expense reduction
  • Backhaul strategy and savings
  • Deployment PMO and schedule acceleration
  • Access to national public infrastructure locations
  • Inbound colocation management
  • Ground lease optimization
Venue and Real Estate Owners
  • Network design and configuration optimization
  • Neutral-host systems that incorporate all wireless carriers
  • Network upgrades and capacity planning
  • Single point of contact for carriers




Expand Your Fan Base. Owners of indoor and outdoor stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters and other entertainment venues rely on effective mobile communications to satisfy a wide audience. Mobilitie delivers the seamless wireless connectivity to make that happen.

FANS expect instant access to messaging, emails, photos, live-streaming video, and mobile applications - whether they're a few seats apart or hundreds of miles away.

TEAMS & PERFORMERS want to connect with fans in ways that create interactive and engaging experiences.

SAFETY officers and emergency responders depend on open lines of communication and need assurance that emergency calls can be made.

MEDIA professionals need the ability to fact check stories and post articles, photos, and videos in real time.


Make Every Square Inch Count. Wireless coverage is no longer a luxury in commercial real estate - it is a necessary and expected utility for tenants. Mobilitie works with property owners and management companies to provide distributed wireless technology and networks that improve occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction.

LANDLORDS position their property for greater marketability and improved occupancy rates, in addition to improved facility operations and public safety.

TENANTS rely on robust wireless connectivity. More than 50% of all mobile phone calls originate indoors, so maintaining uninterrupted high-speed wireless connectivity throughout the property and meeting spaces is critical.


Improve the Guest Experience. The world of hospitality is a revolving door of customers and events, leaving no room for communication breakdowns. Mobilitie provides the assurance of 24/7 connectivity, from the lobby to roof in high-rise hotels and from wing-to-wing in expansive convention centers.

GUESTS expect robust wireless technology in hotel rooms, meeting spaces, and conference halls for messaging, email, accessing the internet, streaming video, and running the latest mobile applications.

VENDORS at trade shows use wireless technology to collect attendee contact information and to communicate directly with event participants.

OPERATIONS benefit from improved efficiencies and reduced costs by using wireless applications that include mobile registrations, customer reservations, and other interactive tools.


Improve Doctor and Patient Satisfaction. It’s been said that preventative medicine is the best medicine. In an industry undergoing significant change, hospitals and medical centers continually seek ways to maintain operational excellence while achieving greater efficiencies and cost savings. Mobilitie provides flexible wireless solutions that evolve with changing technology, facilities, and staff.

DOCTORS monitor patients remotely via Electronic Medical Records (EMR), receive automatic updates via streaming data from patient monitors, use tablets and wireless-based medical tools, and stay better connected to their practice and patients.

PATIENTS are able to stay connected to family and friends.

ADMINISTRATORS AND STAFF equipped with robust wireless technologies can ensure the latest medical devices work properly, provide a more connected medical environment, and ultimately better satisfy both doctors’ and patients’ demands.


Master Data Delivery. The burgeoning growth of data use, video streaming, and mobile applications on university and college campuses has altered the education landscape, requiring a higher degree of wireless coverage and access. Mobilitie engages with higher education organizations to meet their specific wireless needs via a comprehensive array of solutions including DAS Networks, Small Cells, and macro infrastructure.

STUDENTS gather research online, participate in virtual study groups, send updates via social networks, and access class itineraries, assignments, and lectures online.

FACULTY post assignments on intranet portals, grade assignments digitally, and provide online seminars to students.

ATHLETICS require robust wireless networks to provide service at high capacity locations such as stadiums, arenas, and other sports complexes.

VISITORS want assurance they can connect to students, faculty, family, and friends while on campus or attending events.


Go Public. As people rely more and more on their mobile devices, and as tighter security and safety measures are necessary in public spaces, the responsibility falls heavily on mass transit and government entities to provide access to shared wireless infrastructure. Mobilitie delivers the necessary wireless solutions that provide improved wireless service to high-traffic or hard-to-reach public areas, such as mass transit terminals or underground stations.

COMMUTERS use their travel time to work, catch up on the news, run numerous mobile applications, and send information to clients and colleagues via smartphones, laptops and notebooks.

MASS TRANSIT agencies meet the wireless demands of passengers while ensuring better passenger safety.

PUBLIC SAFETY organizations implement wireless networks in high traffic areas to ensure reliable lines of communication between law enforcement and emergency responders.




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